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Website Design is an integral part of any B2B strategy. Belmont & Stratton will design your B2B website and content to help generate leads. A website should be easy to navigate and this includes finding the information they want quickly, wasting time can cause your visitors to get tired of looking and leave. Our website design also helps turn your visitors into leads. We would love to discuss the options available to your business.


A Website that is a Pleasure to Browse

Belmont & Stratton Web Design team will concentrate on content that converts. We will ensure your customers can navigate around the site with ease. When we put content on our clients websites we ensure it engaging and it keeps that visitor reading or clicking.

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We DON’T Guarantee Keyword Rankings. We DO Increase Website Traffic

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“The problem with internet quotes is that you cant always depend on their accuracy”

Abraham Lincoln, US President, 1864
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Website Design Company in Thornaby.

At Belmonst & Stratton we believe a website is at the heart of online branding. A good website design will bring all aspect of your business together and display it perfectly in a digital format known as a website. A great Website Design from our company will help you manage and share your content.  A website Design is often the first place people start when looking to build a business or improve their brands image or maybe launching a new product. Thankfully Belmont and Stratton have it all covered.



Providing comprehensive website design, development and web marketing services for various-sized businesses and industries from Start-ups including helping those leaving the Armed Forces to start their own businesses to well established companies in the North East and beyond.

As Your Business Changes, Your Website Will Grow With it.

So you have a website built but all of a sudden your business starts to grow, no problem! Our websites are scalable so that it grows as your business does. Maybe you decide to sell on your website, add new services or add more locations. Whatever the changes, a Website from Belmont & Stratton can handle it.

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If you’re ready to get started, let’s work together.

Web Design Questions Answered:

What makes a great website?

A few things go into making a great website. Well content is key with most websites, you site should be written well so it is informative to those visiting. If you do not provide value then your visitors have no reason to stay. But once you get those visitors you need to turn them into customers which is where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes into play. We layout the website pages in a way that encourages users to perform a function for example if it’s an ecommerce website then it would be done to persuade them to purchase, or maybe you want to capture emails, our layouts can also do this. Of course the website should also be stylish, modern and quick. Put all that into place and you have yourself a great website!

What content management systems do you use and why? 

WordPress! Yip, because it’s the best and most adaptable and it ranks on google far better than the others. Did you know it’s the most popular content management system in the whole wide world?  I guess what we really like about it is our clients can use it easily, so if the client wants to take charge of the site after we do our designing then they can, even if they are not that tech savvy!

Why should I choose you as my web design agency?

Well besides the fact that we are all fabulous! There are lots of great reasons to choose us as your web design Thornaby agency. We are super talented and a joy to work with. We are professional but friendly, we always go above and beyond for our clients and we have a vast amount of dad jokes on hand. But, besides the fact you will end up with a powerful website, we LOVE Search Engine Optimisation, which means unlike most web designers we actually have the skill set to get your website ranking on Google!

I know, it seems logical that a web designer would know how to work with the google algorythm to get your website ranking, but it just isn’t true. SEO and Web Design are essentially 2 separate things that go very well together. We have found a lot of Graphic designers have turned their hand to web design because they are good at making things look pretty, but although it may look good, it’s not getting seen by people searching on google.

So when you work with Belmont & Stratton you get our web design Thornaby team and our SEO Thornaby team ensuring your website is firing on all cylinders.

Do I need to provide anything to get a web design started? 

Well… yes and no. The more our clients can provide like product images or lifestyle photos such as images of staff, offices etc is always a HUGE help. We also like getting the logo in different formats and sizes (if you have one). We can use stock images but we are not big fans as it doesn’t represent your brand as well as a photo taken especially for your business. Our team will create a list of all the items we believe would be beneficial adding to your site such as accreditation, logos of partners or suppliers to your business etc. But don’t worry, we often work with businesses that don’t have any of that yet, we can help you get started! 

Will my new website work on all devices? 

Of course. At Belmont & Stratton we conduct various tests with your website on all devices and browsers so we know first hand that your site is working well.

How will we communicate during the web design process? 

We always update our clients on a regular basis, how we do it usually depends on our clients wishes. Face to face, telephone or emails, every one is different but we always ensure our clients are kept in the loop.

Do you design logos? 

Absolutely! As we work with a lot of startup companies we are often asked to design their branding. We also find that companies that have been trading for many years request a logo re-design to make their brand a little more modern. Our team and certainly assist you with this because at the end of the day a bad looking logo could make your website look terrible.

Do you enjoy being a web designer? 

YES! Of course, we are so lucky for many reasons. Web design in Thornaby allows us to be creative because a web design should never be the same. We get to deal with so many different types of businesses and learn what their design needs are but also we learn about their individual business such as their brand, what their goals are and often how to market to their particular type of customer. We are busy from start to finish and of course since many of our customers stay with us this means we develop meaningful relationships with them as we go through the creative process together. Getting to see the happiness our clients hold when we deliver the site to when the site starts working for them and essentially making them money! It’s a joy every day.


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We’re a Top-rated Web Design Company in Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, focused on spectacular creative designs and results-driven solutions such as return on investment, google rankings etc.  We find our clients come to us for a number of reasons such as to increase their profits, provide website support, sell products or promote your brand through google rankings or social media marketing.  We would love it if you allowed our web design services to fight for your company against your competitors websites, we are VERY competitive.  Belmont & Stratton was established in 2014. We are situated between Thornaby and Middlesbrough with offices in Thornaby,  Teesside, Richmond, North Yorkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Falkirk. Our website design and development services are experts on what it takes to have a successful website.  With over 10 years experience in the industry before our company was established, we’ve had the privilege to work with many different companies across many industries meaning we are well suited to understand our clients needs. 

All our staff at Belmont & Stratton from web designers, SEO guru’s and graphic designers, understands the importance of being a client-first digital agency that places unparalleled value on building long-term relationships, providing superb customer service and developing high-quality web-based solutions. We are Middlesbrough Web Design and SEO Marketing experts. 

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